Hosted Solution

i5 Analytics can process your patient records using AI to identify opportunities in the following way:

  • Your de-identified data would be communicated securely via FTP, REST or email and patient records analysed using AI technologies
  • You would receive a list of all patients and their individual disease risks or interventions for which they are suited
  • The process applied is fully accredited for Information Governance by the NHS and is in accordance with patient data security requirements

Fully Integrated Solution

i5 Analytics can provide you with AI to plug into your existing IT system in the following way:

  • We supply a trained Neural Network that best mirrors the case-mix of your local population or we train a Neural Network with de-identified patient records that you provide
  • We provide a Neural Network container that can be plugged into your IT system or data warehouse
  • You then process patient records in your existing IT system to identify opportunities