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                                i5 Analytics leads the way in showcasing UK Healthcare data analytics

The use of “smart” Artificial Intelligence technology is one of the key new methods now helping the healthcare sector manage future needs and costs.

London-based AI tech firm i5 Analytics has been chosen by Healthcare UK (a government department formed by the Department of Health and the Department of International Trade) to represent the UK Data Analytics sector at the world-famous Arab Health conference in Dubai January 29-01 February 2018. Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region with more than 100,000 delegates.

The i5 Analytics AI technology is the brainchild of Dr Harald Braun. It provides vital healthcare intelligence to NHS England by identifying undiagnosed patients, matching patients to out-of-hospital interventions and even predicting expected outcomes should existing symptoms not be addressed in time.

The combination of Big Data and the i5 AI algorithmic systems help support population health management and actually identify individuals who have an undiagnosed long-term condition such as atrial fibrillation, heart failure, diabetes, etc.

The use of smart technology to deliver the very growing need for efficiency and improvement in healthcare has resulted in i5 Analytics offering three principle services. These are Commissioning Opportunity (COP), Diagnosis Stratification (DST) and Targeted Social Prescribing (TSP) which help the NHS recognise gaps in services as well as anticipate future demands on a service.

i5 Analytics, a partner with IBM Watson, has an exclusive license for the Intellectual Property owned and developed by Dr Braun. The firm will be shortly sublicensing the software to two NHS CSUs and is in discussions with large multinationals on joint projects.

Dr Braun, Operations Director of i5 Analytics, said: “These are exciting times as the development and honing of smart AI technology to healthcare needs improves and expands. We have deep-seated connections in the health service built up over the past fifteen years. Administrators and clinicians are now realizing just how useful this technology can be in helping improve patient service and outcomes. That said, the i5 Analytics algorithms can be also be used across other industries too, like insurance or banking.”

Keith Davies, Managing Director of i5 Analytics said: “We are delighted to represent the UK at the Dubai event. What is important is that i5 algorithms, initially developed to respond to the needs of one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare systems in the world, the NHS, are immediately adaptable to more than 100 countries that use the WHO (World Health Organisation) ICD (International Classification of Diseases) coding systems”. He added: “The fact that i5 has been selected to represent UK Healthcare data analytics speaks volumes about our track record and potential. The outreach of the Dubai exhibition is to health decision makers that interface with a third of the world’s population – from the Atlantic eastwards to the Pacific.”

The firm i5 Analytics was set up as a specialist AI spin out from i5 Health which they founded in 2011.
i5 uses its most up-to-date Big Data asset, the Hospital Episode Statistics/Secondary Uses Services medical data, to develop algorithms for the NHS.

On a broader level, the whole issue of using AI in healthcare delivery and analysis has been brought into sharp focus globally in the past couple of years.

McKinsey reports that AI is one the current megatrends emerging from the broad digitalization of society and the economy. These ‘smart’ technologies have mainly attracted the attention of e-businesses, consumer goods sectors and the motor industry. A similar development is now taking place in the healthcare sector.

Accenture believes AI is a “self-running engine” for growth in Healthcare. According to its analysis, health applications can potentially create 150 billion USD in annual savings for the US healthcare economy alone by 2026.

PwC concludes that: “Unprecedented increase in the volume of patient healthcare data has left the industry struggling to put that data into practical use. Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its capability to draw ‘intelligent’ inferences based on vast amounts of raw data, may hold the solution. Follow the money and you’ll see big bets on healthcare AI across the globe: 63% of healthcare executives worldwide already actively invest in AI technologies, and 74% say they are planning to do so”.



Dr Harald Braun has more than 25 years experience in the analytics and technology innovations field. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms, is certified in General Insurance by the London Chartered Insurance Institute and is certified by Microsoft in databases and software design and has a Dipl-Ing from Germany in digital communications systems.
He has spent the past fifteen years in the service of the NHS, latterly with i5 of which he is co-founder. More recently he has been leading engagements for i5 in London, East of England, Sussex, Kent, Merseyside, the East and West Midlands and Liverpool City identifying areas for improvements through AI and advanced analytics resulting in better patient care.
He has also previously worked as a Solution Scientist for the Humana Group, is the former senior IT architect for Xchanging for Lloyds of London in the reinsurance market and was developing algorithms for ratings agency A.M. Best.


Keith Davies has been CEO of multinational businesses in the financial services and healthcare sectors. He is a lawyer and economist with extensive experience of business and governmental relations in the UK, across Europe, the Middle East, China, Australasia, the USA and Canada. He was previously National Director at the Department of Health of the NHS Turnaround Programme which resulted in recurring savings of £1.36 billion pa. He has also led a major healthcare consultancy contract for PwC Canada, helped develop PwC’s Healthcare Advisory business in Canada and headed up international business development for Humana Group. He is the former Senior Vice President of Chubb Insurance (Europe) and the CEO of CNA Europe (CNA Insurance Company Ltd). He also acted as the interim COO overseeing the restructuring of Allied Irish Banks.
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